Peace book, for the turn of era 時代に馳せて


With this cheerful weather, I hope that you have enjoyed Ohanami – cherry blossom viewing.


Recently also, it was announced that the new imperial era name of Japan would be ‘Reiwa’, and its change will be made fairly soon.



新聞では令和の英語訳が beautiful harmony と書かれていましたが、平和や調和の意味が込められてるということで、私も一つお気に入りの英語絵本を紹介したいと思います。

アメリカの絵本作家・Todd Parrによる “The Peace Book”。 絵も文章もこの方が描いた、シンプルだけれど世界中の人にぱっと伝わるような内容です。



〜 The Peace Book 〜

Peace is making new friends

Peace is keeping the water blue for all the fish

Peace is listening to different kinds of music

Peace is saying you’re sorry when you hurt someone

Peace is helping your neighbor     *neighbor 近隣の人

Peace is reading all different kinds of books

Peace is thinking about someone you love

Peace is giving shoes to someone who needs them

Peace is planting a tree

Peace is sharing a meal

Peace is wearing different clothes

Peace is watching it snow

Peace is keeping the streets clean

Peace is offering a hug to a friend

Peace is everyone having a home

Peace is growing a garden

Peace is taking a nap     *nap お昼寝

Peace is learning another language

Peace is having enough pizza in the world for everyone

Peace is keeping someone warm

Peace is new babies being born

Peace is being free

Peace is traveling to different places

Peace is wishing on a star

Peace is being who you are


色もvividでかわいらしく、元気が出る本です! 大人が読んでもなるほど〜と、絵本って深い。


Wishing you beautiful April.


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