Rainy, but interesting day in Hakone 雨の箱根で立ち寄って

Good afternoon.

How are you spending your long holidays of May?  The weather is quite changeable but despite that, there should be loads of people coming and going in everywhere this country.

5月の連休、いかがお過ごしでしょうか? 変わりやすい天候ではありますが、どこに行っても人の流れが絶え間なくある感じですね。


I went to Hakone with my family, but unfortunately it was cloudy and raining for two days.

Around Lake Ashinoko I saw many western tourists, who probably were heading to Mt. Fuji or some other lakes (of the Five Lakes).

私はというと家族で箱根を訪れましたが、あいにく二日間曇りと雨でした。 芦ノ湖の周りでは海外からの旅行客をたくさん見かけて、たぶん富士山や、富士五湖の他の場所へ行かれるのかなと思いました。


Because it was rainy and cold, we visited a museum and spent some time watching around the beautiful doll houses and museum shop.

I was quite amazed by so many old doll houses which were brought especially from Europe and America.  All of them were so intricately made and furnished, and if you look at the ornaments closely, each one could really look like the real thing!


思いがけず、ヨーロッパやアメリカから持ち運ばれた古いドールハウスにお目にかかれて、その緻密な作りと美しさに驚きました。 装飾品など、本当に細かく仕上げられてて目をこらしてしまいます。

Before the Irish doll house, which was travelled from Dublin アイルランドのダブリンからはるばるやって来たドールハウス


Then I recalled that in American or European films sometimes, when you see the scenes of old time, there appear such doll houses, lovely and artistic.  Often they can add the noble atmosphere to the film, as well as some sorts of nostalgia.

So if you have a chance to drop by, I am sure this place would take you for interesting time travel.

そういえばアメリカ映画やヨーロッパものの中で、昔の時代のシーンにドールハウスが映っていたのを思い出しました。 可愛らしくて芸術的で、映画にそれとなく気品や懐かしい雰囲気を加えている気がしました。



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