Sense and feel the season

Hello and good afternoon.

How were your three-day holidays this weekend, and in this season there are several consecutive holidays so we may enjoy the ideal weather for an outing, isn’t it.

週末の連休、いかがお過ごしでしたか。 秋は三連休が毎年多いので、行楽日和を楽しむのにうってつけのシーズンですね。

As for myself, I went to see the nature and autumn sceneries in around Lake Yamanaka near Mt. Fuji.  Flowers of such cosmos and zinnia were just in bloom that they looked so lovely.

私はといえば富士山麓にある山中湖へ、秋の景色と自然を愉しみに行ってまいりました。 コスモスや百日草の花々が見頃で、とても可愛らしかったです。


Also I’ve been to the music recital of my student, who is a soprano singer and can sing not only in Japanese but in English and Italian too.  I am often amazed by the students’ talents and abilities.

また、声楽家でソプラノ歌手をされている生徒さんのステージを観に伺い、感動しました。 日本語と英語・イタリア語で唄われており、生徒さん方の才能やスキルに驚くことがしばしばあります。




Let’s experience the new spheres sometimes and it becomes the source of inspiration.


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