Summer holidays back in the west


It seems like the temperature in late August is hitting the highest among past several years, and how are the things with you?

八月も後半になりましたが、ここ数年で最も高い夏の気温を打ち出しているかと思うほどです。 残暑の折、いかがお過ごしでしょうか?


I had been back in my hometown for a week including Bon period;  it was unbearably hot and humid at Seto Inland Sea as well.


Global warming these years I feel is really threatening us, and it now may be time that we need to do something for the future earth and next generation, environments etc.


The world heritage – Itsukushima Shrine of Miyajima island, located only thirty minutes from my house and it shows us the beauty of Japan’s sceneries as always.

世界遺産の宮島・厳島神社。 実家から三十分程の場所で、行く度に変わらぬ日本の美を見せてくれています


So greenish rice fields in the summer countryside. また田舎では、夏の田んぼの景色が緑まばゆく。

On the contrary in central Hiroshima, I have found new changes and that the city never stops growing and moving forward in terms of development (I would say not only for the convenience but for much better & comfortable living of people), also in terms of being ‘original’ especially in the art and architecture fields.

一方で(広島)市内では新たにいろいろな街の変化が見られ、利便性だけでなく・いかに住みよい素敵な都市をつくってゆくかということに進化が止まりません。 とりわけアートや建築の領域で、独自の空間とオリジナリティを追求してる感じがします。

This movement in fact is known as Art Setouchi, which includes “Setouchi Triennale” held every three years, and it aims at revitalising the surrounding areas and oceans through art activities.  Because of this an increasing number of tourists even from the overseas come visit the museums or art projects in recent years.

この取り組みは、三年ごとに開催される「瀬戸内国際芸術祭」を含むアート・セトウチと呼ばれるもので、アートを通して地域の活性化や海の保護を目指している様で。 最近は海外からのビジターも多く、さまざまな美術館やアートプロジェクトが注目されてきました。




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