A Happy New Year 2021

A very Happy New Year, in the start of 2021.



How did you spend the new year holidays?  It has been fairly comfortable and bright weather, wasn’t it.

お正月、いかがお過ごしでしたでしょうか? お天気も良く、過ごしやすい天候だったかなと思います。


I went to Odawara at around the end of year, to the new touristic spot which had just opened in December.


It was quite an interesting place being mixture of the Japanese and Western cultures;  there you can try a bit of everything for example a dango (dumpling) store, souvenir shops, good coffee and bakery, a very traditional handi craft Yosegi Zaiku (of Kanagawa pref.) atelier, and of course many nice diners including izakaya restaurants etc.

和と洋が絶妙にミックスされたとてもおもしろい場所で、沢山のお店からちょっとずつ色んなものが楽しめる感じでした。 たとえばお団子屋さん、土産品、美味しそうなベーカリーにカフェ、それから神奈川の伝統工芸の寄木細工や、居酒屋を含むお食事処の数々も。

On the top floor visitors can also enjoy Ashi-yu by soaking their feet in the hot water, at same time having a great view over the ocean.



I’ve also made a crispy apple crumble at home which is good for the winter. 🙂






Here I wish that the new year brings much joy, health, and prosperity as always.


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